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FasterrWeb is a website speed optimization agent that lets websites load 10x FASTER. Built for speed, FasterrWeb instantaneously improves the load time of websites.

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Speed Up All Pages, at one time

fstrweb optimises all the pages of Web App in one click. All of your worries of getting bad score in PSI will be handled by FasterrWeb.

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I don’t have to worry about website speed now, I can just focus on the work itself. FasterrWeb automatically makes my website quicker and lighter.

Lavleen Kaur Kapoor
Lavleen Kaur Kapoor
CMO @ MBA Rendezvous
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Everything you need for a faster and more secure site

Cloudflare Enterprise

Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, which unlocks more performance and security.

Edge Caching

All your resources are cached and served from the server close to your users.

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Rewrite HTML and optimize CSS, JS, images, fonts, and more for faster loading.

Image Compression & WebP

Optimize images on the fly and convert them to WebP. Your original images are intact.

Optimize in Cloud

Optimize pages, minify css/js, compress images, everything in the cloud.

Reduce Server Load

Optimize and serve files directly from the cloud CDN reducing your server load.

Intelligent Purge

Purge HTML pages alone or purge them in the background without purging the entire cache.

Advanced Security

Protect your site with advanced security features like DDOS, firewall, etc.

Premium Network

Premium Cloudflare Enterprise network to unlock more locations and priority routing.

Blazing Fast Performance

Technical Benefits

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Over 40%

Improvement in Page Speed Score.

Breaking the Speed Barrier Your page load time while using FasterrWeb gets a boost of 40%. You're running your website in the most optimised version.

Want Perfect Score in PSI, meet FasterrWeb

FasterrWeb optimises assets and creates rules from a powerful computer in the cloud. Your Website's load time improves instantaneously.

Make WEB Faster

FasterrWeb makes websites load 10X FASTER

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